Board of Trustees

Nicola Forster, MLaw

Nicola Forster, MLawread more

Lawyer (lic.iur/MLaw UZH) and civil society entrepreneur

Co-Founder & Founding President of the think tank foraus (Foreign Policy Forum)

Co-Founder & President of Staatslabor

President of the Swiss Non-profit Society SGG

Member of the Swiss UNESCO Commission

Co-President Green Liberals Canton of Zurich 

Author of the book «Switzerland and Europe», Herder Publishing (co-author Andreas Schwab)

Cristina Elia Ott, PhD

Cristina Elia Ott, PhDread more




Executive Master of Science in Communications Management

Head of Communications at the Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano


Farida Khali, MA

Farida Khali, MAread more



Scholar of art and literature

Deputy Head of the Communication Service of the University of Fribourg Editorial Director and responsible for events in the fields of culture, science and society

President of the Science et Cité network in French-speaking Switzerland

«Science et Cité : parce que tout·e scientifique est un·e citoyen·ne et parce qu'aujourd'hui les citoyen·nes – quand la recherche est hyperspécialisée – sont les seul·e·s garant·e·s de l’interdisciplinarité.»  

Danielle Chaperon, Vizepräsidentin

Mirko Bischofberger, Dr. ès sc. EPFL

Mirko Bischofberger, Dr. ès sc. EPFLread more



Natural scientist and communication expert.

Founder of Science Studios, a laboratory for science storytelling and communication.

Lecturer in science communication at EPFL, ETH Zurich and University of Zurich.

Océane Dayer, MSc

Océane Dayer, MScread more



Environmental scientist

Founder of Swiss Youth for Climate

Responsible for policy at WWF Switzerland

Board member of Expedition Zukunft

Sarah Bütikofer, Dr. phil.

Sarah Bütikofer, Dr. more


Political scientist

Editor of DeFacto, the online platform for knowledge transfer in Swiss political science

Project partner at Sotomo

Lecturer at various universities in Switzerland

Björn Müller, Dr. rer. soc.

Björn Müller, Dr. rer. more



Transformational psychologist with a PhD in Organizational Studies and Cultural Theory.

Co-founder and board member of Stride unSchool, as well as Meso – Alliance for Systemic Innovation.

As a consultant, speaker, author, lecturer and researcher, Björn Müller works in the fields of green social innovation, social transformation and transformative learning.

Former presidents

Charles Kleiber
Christine Beerli
Thomas Zeltner

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