Marion Alig Jacobson, lic. phil.

Project manager

«Kinder und Wissenschaftler*innen haben vieles gemeinsam: sie sind neugierig, experimentieren gerne und verfolgen die verrücktesten Ideen. Das Erkennen von Gemeinsamkeiten wiederum schafft Vertrauen für den gemeinsamen Dialog.»

Marion Alig Jacobson studied Ethnology and constitutional law at the University of Bern. From 2012 until 2018, she developed and lead  the youth sector youngCaritas Zurich bei Caritas. With creative project proposals, she motivated teachers and juvenile labor to discuss poverty in Switzerland with children and youth.
Beforehand, she worked, amongst other, at the PHBern as scientific collaborator. She teached classes of heterogeneous environment with which she created videos on their everyday lives. Since September, she works bei Science et Cité as project manager for children and youth.