Profile and strategy

The nationally active foundation Science et Cité fosters the dialog between science and society. It is independent legally and in terms of content.

Science et Cité contributes to the appreciation and understanding of all sciences and addresses their opportunities and limits. It also reports back to the scientifics the reaction of the population in particular on value issues.

Science et Cité specialises in low-threshold and innovative forms of communication, bringing, frequently, to close contact scientifics and citizens.

Science et Cité deals with pertinent, socially relevant topics and encourages the knowledge and the opinion-forming at the service of democracy.

Science et Cité is a national scientific communication networking centre and conducts the annual convention ScienceComm.

Science et Cité works with partners from education, economics, culture and politics.

Three strategic priorities

  • Face to Face – direct dialogue between scientists and citizens
  • Digital Interaction – online dialogue on science and its societal connection
  • Learning Networks - dialogue between science communicators

Strategy 2017-2020 (German)(French)


The foundation Science et Cité was founded in 1998, its national office is in Bern. Activities take place in German-speaking Switzerland, in the French part of Switzerland in the context of the Réseau Romand Science et Cité as well as in Tessin in connection with L'ideatorio from the Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Science et Cité is the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences' competence centre for dialog.

Science et Cité is not a grant-making foundation but self operating. The projects are financed by service agreements and partnerships.