Swiss Annual Congress of Science Communication  

In a nutshell

  • ScienceComm is the Swiss annual congress of science communication.
  • The congress serves as a platform for the various players in science communication to network and to exchange information about new developments and trends.
  • It is aimed at people working in universities, research and educational institutions, culture, politics and media.

ScienceComm takes place alternately over a day and half with a public call for abstracts or over one day with a program by invitation. The location also changes, so that ScienceComm is always hosted at a different place in Switzerland.  

Since 2011, the congress for science communication brings together representatives from universities, research institutions, media and public relations offices, educational and cultural institutions, as well as science journalists and education policy makers.

The next ScienceComm will take place on september 10 in Neuenburg. You can find all important information here:


Personal exchange

The congress focuses on participatory and interactive formats. In addition to the professional discourse, the exchange of experiences between the language regions and the dissemination of new tools and trends in science communication, the personal exchange between participants is especially important.

The goal is strengthen ScieceComm's position as a platform for networking and joint learning and to connect players in the Swiss science communication scene. in its entire breadth, beyond institutions and language borders.

«Ich bin jedes Mal beeindruckt über die hohe Qualität, die das kleine Science et Cité Team bei der Organisation dieser Konferenz erreicht. Chapeau.»

Teilnehmer ScienceComm

ScienceComm Team

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